Fisher & Paykel DE7060G2 7kg White Vented Dryer

Fisher & Paykel is known for bringing forth top-notch appliances with exceptional aesthetics. Featuring a capacity of 7kg, Fisher & Paykel DE7060G2 dryer delivers effective drying results while treating your clothes with the necessary care. The easy-to-use controls and display panel enables you to adjust the settings as per the requirements. This freestanding vented dryer has 6 drying cycles to suit every load, you can choose from Delicate, Heavy, Time Dry, Air Dry, Everyday, and Freshen. It is equipped with a 1800 wide-opening door for easy access and unloading of garments. Fisher & Paykel DE7060G2 vented dryer works on the state-of-the-art auto-sensing technology that dries clothes to the desired setting by assessing the levels of moisture, minimizing the chances of over-drying. It incorporates an invertible control panel which makes the appliance suitable for wall mounting installation as well.