Flora Viv Iodide Continuum 250ml Aquarium Fish Tank Water Treatment

Flora Viv Iodide stabilised ionic iodide for freshwater shrimp, crayfish and other crustaceans. The moulting process is an important one in the growth of crustaceans and during this process comes with its hazards and the additional iodine treatment plays an important role.
The Continuum advantage.

Flora Viv Iodide is a stabilised, safe iodide complex, designed to nourish organisms that require iodine in freshwater and brackish aquariums.

It is particularly useful as a moulting aid for crustaceans and for use by other invertebrates and plants. Flora Viv Iodide contains no gluconate or polygluconate.
Use in aquarium keeping.

Iodine is not present in quantities sufficient to encourage moulting in crustaceans in most water supplies.

What little is present is rapidly removed through carbon and other filtration or is used up by tank inhabitants.