Flower Shears, KORYU


They make a great addition to the kitchen cupboard, they are terrific for harvesting herbs, can be used in floral arrangement or used for pruning bonsai. Combining tradition with technology these shears are backed by quality craftsmanship. The premium quality steel keeps its cutting edge while the ergonomic design in the handle ensures comfort.

These Professional quality shears are from the Koryu school of flower arranging. The hand forged, razor sharp laminated blades cut cleanly with little damage to the stem.The combination of very heavy blades and large finger rings make it the ideal tool for big hands and big cuts. Many enthusiasts use these as root pruners. This tools is very high quality ; bimetals steel shear. It is the traditional style tools which is useful as a combination garden, flower, ikebana or Bonsai shear. It is the best type of shear for cutting capillary roots, and it is blades are excellent for light branch cutting and general ; bonsai trimming.

Technical Details:
1045 Carbon Steel, fully whole-piece drop forged
Overall length 170mm
Blade length:40mm