FoodSaver® Rolls - VS0520 - White

Suitable for any FoodSaver® appliance you can custom make bags according to your needs with these Sunbeam FoodSaver® rolls. Extremely versatile you can store bags in the fridge, freezer or pantry and wash and re-use them.

  • Sunbeam FoodSaver® Rolls.
  • Model: VS0520.
  • Make custom sized bags.
  • Prevents freezer burn.
  • Locks out air and moisture.
  • Seals in freshness.
  • 2 x Rolls.
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 5.4m.


  • Extremely versatile and durable during storage
  • Store bags in fridge, freezer or pantry
  • Re-use bags, wash in top shelf of dishwasher or in hot soapy water
  • Reheat food in the bag in simmering water or in the microwave

Extra Info

  • FoodSaver® products help you store food in a smart and economical way.
  • Prevents spreading of food odour.
  • Prevents freezer burn.
  • Microwave safe.
  • Repeated use.
  • Double boil.
  • Prevent food drying.
  • Storage of snacks.