For Samsung Galaxy S9 Back Case,Stylish Macarons High-Quality Protective Cover

Have you been looking for a phone case that provides top notch protection for your Samsung Galaxy S9 but isn't bulky or gaudy or boring? One with a modern minimalist style that complements the simple and timeless beauty of your Samsung Galaxy S9? Then you need look no further.

This transparent acrylic back case for Samsung Galaxy S9 is made from high-quality plastics that provide premium protection but are lightweight, which makes your phone easier to handle and easy to slip into a shirt or jeans pocket. The see-through case is shockproof and made from tough hybrid plastics.

This phone case is specifically built for the Samsung Galaxy S9 with model number SM-G960. It will not fit any other Samsung Galaxy mobile phone or non-Samsung device. Please check that your device is suitable before purchasing this back case by checking in the Settings menu under About Device. The model number should be the same as the one given above.

With its strong thermoplastic urethane shell, bumper edges, and grippy surface, this transparent back case will help extend the life of your Samsung Galaxy S9. It's an effective shield against dust, dirt, spilled food and liquids, greasy hands, rain, and condensation. It also keeps your device from getting damaged when you accidentally drop or bump it. The material is shock absorbent and survives falls without cracking.

We throw in a free screen protector with every purchase of this back case for Samsung Galaxy S9. The screen protector is something to consider as the case only covers the back, sides, top, and bottom of your device.

We have a 100% moneyback guarantee with every phone case purchase. If you find that you're not satisfied with the product, please contact our customer service team as soon as you can.