Freedom Bike/Cycling Bottle W/Pin Mount - Freedom Ease - Aero Bottle - 600ml - White

Freedom Ease
Easy to locate due to the frustoconical opening on our bottom cap. Freedom Ease can also be used on any compact frame as it can be easily removed laterally once released.

The humble bicycle is the World's most energy-efficient form of transport. It has largely remained the same in shape and form for the last 100 years.
Of course, some things have altered. Weight and frame design, wheels, groupsets, handlebars and much more. This is all possible due to refined design tools advanced techniques and access to stronger and lighter fabrics.

However, one component has largely remained unchanged...and that is the 'water bottle. It hasn't altered because it's been the same for too long....we are about to change that!

The Problem

  • Bottle cage always needs to be smaller in size than the bottle it's holding, to keep it secure.
  • A bottle holder can only ever hold a bottle!
  • Bottle holder damages the bottle and hides logos.
  • Bottles don't match the modern frame designs

The Solution

  • Bottle is secured by a pin that is much smaller than the hole that receives it making it easier to locate, replace and remove.
  • Decals and bottles are no longer damaged by the holder.
  • Internal mounting means we can create any accessory or bottle in any shape and all will fit on the same pin!
  • Removable top and bottom caps for easy cleaning.
  • It just looks better!