Freewell Gear M3 PRO Ultimate Action Monopod for GoPro Cameras Double Colour


  • Solid construction of high-grade and durable material
  • Lightweight construction for easier and prolonged use
  • Made for use with all GoPro Action Cameras
  • Colour - Metal Green and Gold

The Pro M3 Ultimate Action Monopod from Freewell is designed for use with popular action cameras, including GoPro Hero series. This is an efficient solution for taking pictures and filming using a single hand and on the move. The durable material used in its construction makes it a durable and reliable accessory while filming outdoor

The Pro M3 Ultimate Action Monopod from Freewell is: Lightweight – The monopod is mainly made from lightweight aluminum for easier carrying and prolonged continuous use. Durable – The aluminum is high-grade to ensure optimum durability while filming outdoors in rugged and difficult terrain. Comfortable – The aluminum-based monopod is covered with a dual-textured rubberized grip. Efficient – The locking collars are equipped with aluminum rings and detachable data-cable snap-in remote holder for easy installation and use.

The Pro M3 Ultimate Action Monopod from Freewell is specially made to provide an easy, comfortable and robust solution for using action cameras single-handedly outdoors.


  • All GoPro Action Camera such as Hero 5, Hero 4, Hero 3+, Hero 3
  • Other Action camera with similar mounting system & Smart Phone

WHAT IS INCLUDED 1x 17”-40” Extendable Aluminum Monopod Pole - Metal Green and Gold 1x Aluminum Wrench Tool 1x Aluminum Threaded Camera Mount 1x Aluminum Action Camera Thumb Knob 1x Snap-in Go-Pro Remote Holder 1x Mobile Bracket