Freewell Gear Mavic Lens Sunhood

Freewell Gear Mavic Lens Sunhood

Efficiently blocks glare from sun and lens flare Perfect protection to gimbal in case of a crash Grey colored surface is ideal for absorbing all unwanted flares or stray light Get best aerial photos and videos Light weight for zero-effect on gimbal or flight time

  • Sides will come into view when you quickly yaw/pitch or in sports mode, no vignetting when tilting 0-90° / roll angle 0+-18°

The DJi Mavic Pro Lens Sunhood from Freewell is made to offer protection and efficiency to the camera lens. The sunhood is ideal for blocking stray light or flare from other light sources. It also offers additional protection to the lens and gimbal. The effective design is ideal for ensuring crystal clear images and better footage.

Extremely lightweight (just 7 Grams) Ideal to block unwanted light from sun and other light sources to prevent lens flare. Made to give double protection to the gimbal in case the drone suffers a crash. Coated with black color to absorb optimum amount of unwanted light and decrease the risk of lens flare. Best for taking excellent aerial photos and footage.

The DJI Mavic Lens Sunhood from Freewell is designed to offer ideal solution against unwanted glare from light sources as well as to prevent lens flare. This accessory for DJI Mavic Pro is also useful as it provides additional protection to the gimbal in case the drone crashes in a mishap. The Freewell DJI Mavic Pro Lens Sunhood absorbs all excess light and gives crystal clear images with super-fine quality footage.