Frozen 2 Mini Anna 10 X 10cm With White Frame

Diamond Dotz - Frozen - Mini Anna

Diamond Dotz® is a DIY craft where you make beautiful designs, like paint by numbers but using tiny "Diamond" like faceted beads that shine in the light. These amazing kits come with everything you will need to complete your spectacular work.

Pre-printed fabric with Diamond Dotz special adhesive Diamond Dotz pre-sorted by shade Stylus, craft tray & wax Instructions All inclusive Diamond Dotz Kit featuring a mini portrait of Anna. At a finished size of H10cm x W10cm this is the quickest dotting project achievable in 1 hour, perfect for those new to the craft or advanced dotters wanting to create a quick gift. The small size allows it to fit on any fan's wall or sideboard and is perfect paired with the Mini Olaf and Mini Anna kits or supporting the larger designs as a series.

New to Diamond Dotz? This a simple craft to master, simply choose which colour you want to work on, match the shade, pick up a dot and place on the fabric. Repeat! It is the perfect way to relax and your result is a masterpiece ready for display. The finished art can be framed and enjoyed for years to come.

This kit comes with a plastic white frame.