Fugoo Multi-Mount

The FUGOO Multi Mount is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker mount accessory. It provides three different mounting options for your FUGOO wireless speaker – tripod mounting socket, rope/carabiner loop, and strap/belt clip.

Note: Multi Mount is only compatible with the Sport and Tough jackets.

AS ACTIVE AND VERSATILE AS YOU With FUGOO’s versatile Multi Mount, you’ll never have to be without music again. Fasten FUGOO to your backpack or carbiner, your belt strap or even just your pants. FUGOO is built for sand and sun, sleet and snow, dirt and rain. With such adaptability, it only makes sense to have a multifaceted mounting system that can weather the storm or take the heat. With tripod mounting capability, a rope or caribiner loop, and a clip for straps or belts, the Bluetooth Speaker Multi Mount takes music from the previously impossible to the totally doable… Sound familiar? Just like you, tough as nails and ready to go anywhere, the FUGOO Multi Mount is willing and able.

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY SPEED Like to go fast? We get it. But why should that stop the music? With the FUGOO Multi Mount, no activity rules out great tunes. From skating along the beach to snowboarding down the park, from climbing that multi-pitch face to camping 3000 feet above sea level, the FUGOO Multi Mount makes all things and all terrains music friendly. Hike it. Climb it. Skate it. Do it. You don’t care when or where—you’re always ready. And with the Multi Mount, so is FUGOO.