Fujitsu ASTG30KMTC Wall Mounted Lifestyle Reverse Style Air Conditioner W/ Human Sensors

Designed by the best IT and electronic brand from Japan, Fujitsu ASTG30KMTC Lifestyle Air Conditioner should be your go-to products for all cooling and heating requirements. Working on a reversible style technology, this Fujitsu AC works wonders both in summer and winters as well. With smooth edges and aesthetic finish, this Fujitsu air conditioner is very energy smart as well showcasing an energy rating of 2 stars. The convenient and comfortable functioning distributes the cool air throughout the room and reaches the desired temperature quickly. The air quality is kept at the highest possible level due to the apple-catechin filters present in the wall mounted AC. Easy cleaning is assisted by the washable panels making it easy to maintain the cooling appliance. A sound sleep is possible every time because of the no-noise function & an all direction adjustable swing system of this ASTG30KMTC reversible air conditioner.