Full Circle Ziptuck Reusable Sandwich Bags Clear 18cm Set of 2

Bag your sandwiches or lunches using Full Circle's Ziptuck Reusable Clear Sandwich Bags perfect for both kids and adults to use. These adorable sandwich bags are perfect to fit a full sandwich in a bag. Apart from sandwiches, get creative and make full use of this versatile bag by storing your toiletries or travel essentials, keep small items together and even organizing your food pantry neatly. Easily stow, seal and wash with confidence whenever you feel it needs a good cleaning. Ideal for on the go and for household use, this set of 2 reusable bags will help you save cost and the environment.


Set of 2 Measures 21cm x 20.5cm x 0.5cm Clear design Made from reusable FDA -Grade EVA material Air tight lock seal design Dishwasher safe Non-toxic Stores flat for compact storage Earth friendly materials Sustainable choice Food safe Leak proof Dishwasher safe, hand wash for better results