Galfer Bike FD455 Avid/Sram E-Bike Disc Brake Pads

Galfer’s Pride
All Galfer brake pads and rotors are manufactured in Barcelona. Galfer Bike take pride in being the leading manufacturer of performance braking systems for motocross, road racing, mountain bikes, and more. Galfer have a large stable of riders ranging from MX and desert experts to family trail riders. Staying ahead of the pack means constant R & D, new brake pad compounds, and developing their patented Wave rotor technology, so that you have Galfer brake products that are truly state of the art.

Long Lasting Predictability
GALFER BIKE Brake Pads have been designed to enhance your ride whether it be on road or off. You’ll be impressed with the long-lasting predictability throughout the life span of the brake pads, giving you great bicycle control, increasing your riding confidence and a providing a delightful riding experience.

These pads suit E-Bikes, they are durable, and will perform well under all braking conditions. Galfer have a range of compounds to suit differing conditions, and most models come in a few different compounds so you can choose which one suits your requirements and riding style.

Compatible with the Following Brake Models:
Code R (2011-)
Code R, RSC, Guide RE

Purple: G1652 E-Bike for electric bikes ECE R90 approved *rating out of 5
• Use: E-Bike
• Braking Power: 4*
• Minimal Brake Fade: 4*
• Extreme Weather Riding Conditions Performance: 5*
• Durability: 5*
Key Advantages
• High Braking Power
• Low Noise
• Long Life
• Low Disc Wear

Galfer Bike FD455 Avid/Sram E-Bike Disc Brake Pads


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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