General Cleaning Kit - household Essential

This Kit contains essentials for the home Multiklean, Solution, Bathroom Wiz, Ultra Fresh, Rubber Gloves, Multiklean is an environmentally friendly powerful industrial strength water based multipurpose degreaser and spray & wipe cleaner.

Multiklean will remove oil, grease, grey and grimy buildup from all surfaces like, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles and concrete floors.

Multiklean is excellent in kitchen floors, walls, vents and fans.

Multiklean is widely used in the cleaning and automotive industry for the cleaning of mags, engines and bugs.

It is ideal for pressure washer and automatic scrubbers.

Solution is an anti-static formula and is a quick drying product.

The unique formula is designed to be used safely as spray & wipe to clean all surfaces.

Solution’s is an alcohol based product so it’s good for anti-static cleaning and also safe on computer monitors.

Bathroom Wiz is an organic based commercial strength concentrated detergent to clean showers, hand basins, bath tubs, toilet bowls and floors.

Bathroom Wiz is also an excellent stainless steel cleaner it removes soap scum, calcium haze, rust stains and leaves a pleasant residual fragrance.

Ultrafresh is designed to clean, disinfect and leave a pleasant residual fragrance.

It will give you over 24 hours of odour control and it’s ideal for disinfecting and deodorizing.

Ultrafresh with a new antibacterial formula is designed to be used in general cleaning, cleaning equipment, telephones, toilets, showers, garbage storage areas and areas of high odours.

Comes in a variety of fragrances: Bubble gum, Boronia, Green apple, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Orange & Mango and some rubber gloves.