Gigabyte NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 AORUS External Gaming Box For Notebook Built-In N1070IXOC-8GD VC USB-C Thunderbolt3 40Gbps 3xUSB30 RGB Fusion VR

Gigabyte nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 AORUS External Gaming Box for Notebook

Thunderbolt3 40Gbps 3xUSB3.0 RGB Fusion VR Ready 1746/1721 MHz GV-N1070IXOC-8G TURN YOUR ULTRABOOK TO GAMING PLATFORM !! UPGRADE THE GAME EXPERIENCE with GEFORCE GTX 1070 GRAPHICS CARD EMBEDDED - Powered by GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 1070 overclock edition graphics card, AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box turns the ultrabook laptop PC into a gaming platform, delivers the incredible performance for graphics-intensive and VR-ready games. And with GIGABYE numerous thermal and overclock technology, you can enjoy high performance in a quiet environment.


  • ThunderboltTM 3 provides the speed up to 40Gbps, delivering the fastest connection to any dock, any display or data device. It creates much more possibility in one compact port. THUNDERBOLT3 -
  • AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box connects to the laptop PC by Thunderbolt3. Features Embedded Geforce GTX 1070 enables graphics-
  • intensive game and VR experience Thunderbolt3 plug and play Easy to carry with portable size Supports Quick Charge (QC 3.0) and Power Delivery (PD 3.0) Supports 3x USB 3.0 for peripheral devices RGB fusion -
  • 16.8M Customizable Color Lighting Graphics Processing GeForce GTX 1070 Box Size 212x96x162(mm) Box Weight 2360(g) ±1% PSU 450W, >90% efficiency (equal to 80 plus Gold), PCI-E 8pin power AC INPUT 100-240V ~ / 7-3.5A / 60-50Hz Graphics card GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 1070 mini ITX OC 8G (GV-N1070IXOC-8GD) ?GPU clock? Boost: 1746 MHz/ Base: 1556 MHz in OC Mode Boost: 1721 MHz/ Base: 1531 MHz in Gaming ?Memory clock : 8008 MHz ?Memory type : GDDR5 ?Memory size : 8GB ?Digital max resolution : 7680x4320 ?Multi-veiw : 4 Package content 1. AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box *
  • 1 (includes GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 1070 MINI ITX Graphics card GV-N1070IXOC-8GD) 2. Thunderbolt 3 Cable 500mm (USB Type-C)
  • * 1 3. Power cord * 1 4. Installation Guide
  • * 1 5. Driver CD * 1 6. Carry bag * 1