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Illuminating our homes with candles creates a warm and cosy atmosphere, but it?s the finer details such as how the candles are presented that can help finish it off. The assorted set of 3 Maison & White Glass Candle Cylinders is crystal clear decorative pieces that do exactly that. The strong soda-lime glass that all three cylinders are made from providing a comfortable and safe storage place for your lit candle whilst keeping your candles at the centre of attention. As these cylinders are of different size and are a set of 3, you can sit them next to each other on your dining room table or you can place them separately around your home, the choice is yours.


In this assorted set, you will receive three different sized glass candle cylinders. The different sizes are beneficial for if you have a few different sized pillar candles or if a current pillar candle has lost its height due to burning, you can now display that candle in a smaller cylinder.


Being made from soda-lime glass, these cylinders will provide your candles with a strong holder that won?t burn and fall over with pillar candles inside. The clear glass ensures that the candles are still the centre of attention, these holders are a perfect complimentary accessory. To remove any left-over candle wax, you can rub these cylinders with a slightly damp paper towel or cloth.


The most suiting candles that will fit are traditional pillar candles that are no more than 27cm tall for the larger candle holder, 23cm tall for the medium and 19cm tall for the smaller holder. The diameter of these cylinders is 8.3cm. You may also want to display floating candles inside the cylinders or even use them as vases for your flowers.


  • Size: Small - 19cm. Medium - 23cm. Large - 27cm. 8.3cm diame

Glass Candle Cylinders - Set of 3 | M&W


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