GND Fitness Lacrosse Ball

The GND Fitness Lacrosse Massage Ball is a gym essential if you’re serious about your workout. Use the Lacrosse Ball ;to ;target trigger points, increase mobility and break down knots. ;Unlike a tennis ball, the Lacrosse Ball won’t soften under pressure.


Using it, you can focus on breaking down muscle tissue to speed up your recovery and reduce the risk of injury. Target your glutes, hamstrings, upper back, shoulders, chest and feet. You can use the Lacrosse Ball in the gym or the comfort of your own home.

Perfect for

  • Pin pointing problem areas
  • Promote speedier muscle recovery
  • Decreasing soreness post workout, pre-workout
  • Relieving muscle tension
  • Increasing flexibility & mobility to achieve full range of motion


  • Made from high grade silicone
  • Colour: Orange
  • Won’t soften under pressure
  • Size: 6cm (diameter)
  • Compact design
  • Take the Lacrosse Ball wherever you go