GSP3K DOSS Pro Gas Soldering Iron Kit Soldering Torch Hot Air 3In1 Soldering Iron/ Hot Air Blower/ Torch Tool PRO GAS SOLDERING IRON KIT

GSK3K is a 3-in-1 gas soldering iron kit. The soldering iron itself can be used as soldering iron, hot air blower ortorch tool. It is an ideal professional tool for soldering works where has no access to electricity. A great kit for electrical repair, cable repair and installation, DIY, automobile and truck repair, general heating and drying.

  • Instant electronic ignition
  • Variable flame control
  • Refillable tank
  • Transparent see-through window/ Safety stand
  • Stainless steel made grip
  • Stable heating- Catalystic heating system
  • 3 in 1 soldering iron/ hot air blower/ torch tool withprotection cap
  • Durable, long life soldering tip

Kit includes:

  • 3 in 1 soldering iron (with 1.6mm conical tip)
  • 2.4mm chisel tip
  • Hot knife tip
  • Deflector tip
  • Mini wrench
  • Sponge set
  • Coiled solder
  • Shrink tube x 10 pcs


Weight 150g (no gas with cap) Fuel Butane Fuel Capacity 22ml Run Time Approx 125 mins(at mid setting) Product Dimension 245x30x25mm Temperature Range 250°C-500°C soldering tip Up to 550°C Heat blower Up to 1300°C torch/ blue flame