Hama TH-100 LCD Thermo-/ Hygrometer 075297

Wouldn’t it be Nice to be Able to Predict the Weather?

You look out the window in the morning and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day so you slip on a summery outfit along with your sunglasses and start walking to work. Disaster strikes! Half way there those dreaded huge black clouds roll in and the rain start pouring down leaving you drenched with no umbrella. Typical!

Be Prepared to Brave the Elements with Hama

The Hama TH-100 Thermometer/Hygrometer can help to prevent frustrating moments by providing you with accurate, up-to-date measurements of the temperature and air humidity from the room where it is positioned in order to give you an indication of the daily weather conditions and help you to be prepared for what lies ahead. Consisting of a single station that can be positioned indoors on any flat surface, readings of temperature and air humidity are given on the clear, transparent LCD display along with a moon phase display, showing the current phase of the moon, and the weather forecast in an easy to understand image format, showing either sunny, slightly cloudy, cloudy or rainy.

That’s All in the Past…

In addition to measuring conditions at that exact point in time the station is capable of storing min/max readings for both temperature and air humidity, allowing comparisons to be made between current and past values without complicated meteorological knowledge. The TH-100 can be used by everyone to help predict and gain a better understanding of the weather, as the station features a large, easy to follow display which is laid out in sections so that a reading of a single condition can be made quickly or everything can be viewed together with an image of the predicted weather for that day. There i