Head & Shoulders Conditioner Apple 200ml


Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh Hair and Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Conditioner for a clean fresh scent.

Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh

Helps keep dandruff away while leaving your hair soft and manageable. When used with Head & Shoulders shampoo, this conditioner offers you a complete dandruff protection system that's More Effective against dandruff vs. using just Head & Shoulders shampoo with a non anti-dandruff conditioner.

Clean Fresh Scent: Conditions starting from the scalp with a fresh green apple scent.

Clinically Proven up to 100% Dandruff Free* *no visible flakes, with regular use


**DIRECTIONS:**Apply to wet hair after shampooing by gently massaging onto hair and scalp. Rinse well.


CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, rinse thoroughly with water.

Country of Origin

Made in Thailand