Heavy Duty Air Line Alloy Dial Gauge Tyre Inflator Car Workshop PCL ADTG4


DescriptionA general purpose tyre inflator with an all Alloy body with a rubber protected gauge.This has a durable alloy body and Euro style valve connector, and comes complete with operating instructionsSimple and easy to use, they are ideal for general low volume tyre inflation.

SpecificationsReading Accuracy: 2 psi / 0.1 bar / 10 kPa
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 15 bar
Inlet Thread: G 1/4 l/min
Part Number: ADTG4
Hose Length: 0.85m
Tyre Valve Connection: Euro Clip-on
Calibration: 10-210psi / 0.7-15 Bar

Please note that this is Professional Workshop Equipment which is also used by DIY and Hobbyists alike. It requires a source of air in order for it to inflate. It does not self-inflate like some non-professional equipment in the market.