Heller Fitted Double Size Electric Blanket Washable/3 Heat/Heater/Warm Bed Rug


Heller Double Fitted Electric Blanket is definitely going to be your favorite couch snuggling companion.

Made from 100% Polyester fabric that offers ultimate comfort.

You can select from 3 heat settings that can provide more relief and deeper penetrating heat than dry heating pads.

Personalized your comfort by dial using the double controllers.

Get the warmth you need during the night while resting comfortably using the Heller Double Fitted Electric Blanket!

3 Heat settings

Double controllers with indicator light

Overheat protection

Over-current protection

Fully fitted & easy to fit

100% Polyester

Detachable controller

Machine washable

Colour: White

Unit’s Dimensions: 193 x 137cm

This item comes with a 12-month warranty.