Hello Hair Hydrating Mask Island Escape Edition 100g

Hello Hair Hydrating Mask is a hair treatment which is applied to the hair and washed out by shampooing and conditioning the hair as normal. Apply to dry hair! This means you don't need to get in and out of the shower to apply (how convenient!) Please take note that Hello Hair is an oil-based treatment, not crème based, so the consistency is a lot runnier. Dry locks love Hello Hair, and will absorb a lot of the oil straight away. This means your hair shouldn't be dripping oil, but should appear oily to the point of looking wet. Your hair should feel noticeably softer and easier to manage, after a couple of treatments. Within 4-6 weeks you should notice your hair feeling stronger, softer and more lustrous. Regular use of Hello Hair Hydrating Mask will also promote hair growth and assist in the management of dandruff and dry scalp issues. We recommend using it once a week or so, to ensure you see the best results from the the treatment. However, because our product is made of 100% natural ingredients, you can use it as often or as rarely as you like! If you're experiencing significant damage, you may like to begin using it twice a week to give your hair the love it needs. Our very special Island Escape Edition is also enhanced with natural botanicals for a fragrance that will transport you to a tropical paradise. So say goodbye to the crazy chemical compounds that exist in commercial hair care product, and say hello to hair that is healthier, naturally! We've made this edition NUT FREE so our friends with nut allergies no longer have to miss out on hydrating their locks.