Hi Lift Peroxide 10 Vol 3% 1 Litre 1l Hair Colouring Dye Tint Developer Colour

Professional Salon Hi Lift Peroxide 10 Vol 1 Litre

Hi Lift is a brand that understands your hair colouring needs. Thatï's why Hi Lift Peroxide 10 Vol 1 Litre is created to help you achieve the ultimate colouring, lifting, bleaching and toning results. Professional hairdressers have been raving about Hi Lift Peroxide 10 Vol 1 Litre as it is ideal for a wide range of bleaching applications. Make it your choice today.

Professional salon peroxide

Smooth consistency

Easy to mix

Quality guaranteed

About Hi Lift

Hi Lift offers the most technologically advanced products on the market. Bleach, capes, clips, hair dryers straightenings, perm rods, peroxides, pins and rollers keep your salon running at top speed and your clients looking fabulous. It is a world leader in hair care and styling tools, known for creating endless styling possibilities. Salon quality at a range of affordable prices.