Himalayan Black Salt | Coarse 2-5 Mm | Food Grade

Himalayan Black Salt / Kala Namak | Coarse 2-5 mm| Food Grade

Black salt, also known as kala namak, is an important flavoring in South Asian cuisine.

Black salt is mined from the Salt mines in Pakistan. It is then heated and melted at high temperature with different spices, with black salt crystals ranging in color from amber to dark brownish grayish-black, hence the name.

Black salt has a noticeable sulfurous aroma and a distinctive smoky taste.

In South Asian cookery, black salt is a key ingredient in chat masala, the spice mixture used to flavor appetizers, salads and street food snacks.

Use black salt to add aroma to tandoori chicken marinades, to flavor raitas and, for a classic Indian beverage, add to fresh lemonade.

Or just simply sprinkle over citrus fruits

Country of Origin: Pakistan