HIZERO Cordless 4-in-1 Bionic Mop

HIZERO goes beyond a vacuum. It Sweeps, Mops, Drys all your hard floors and self cleans. The World's First Bionic 4-in-1 Mop. Buy online today!

Compared to conventional cleaning tools, HIZERO saves 80%-90% on water, power and your time. It only takes 1 litre of water, 0.01kWh electricity and 8 minutes to clean up a 100 square meters of floor area. Applying cutting-edge noise reduction technologies, HIZERO is 70% quieter than regular vacuum cleaners.

Intuitive in every way, no settings to adjust with only 2 simple control buttons, power on and off, setting 1 for regular cleaning or 2 for heavy cleaning. The interface tells you everything you need to know, blue when all is well and red when an action is required.