Hola - Clever Coupe Toy Car

Clever Coupe

The Clever Coupe provides a fun and interactive way for toddlers and young children to learn different shapes, colours, animals and safety traffic light signals.

The multifunctional 3 in 1 Clever Coupe can be used as an amusing toy car with bump and go action, flashing lights and cheerful music, an educational electronic activity centre or a fun shape sorter. Plus, the blocks transform into little animals which makes them fun to play with too.

  • Triangle Block: Push the fins and the block becomes a fish
  • Square Block: Press the ears, the blocks becomes an elephant
  • Heart Block: Press the heart and the block becomes a horse
  • Star Block: Press the strip and the block becomes a frog
  • Round Block: Press the wings and the block becomes a bird

The Clever Coupe also has storage for packing all the shapes away for next time – you can just open the boot and collect the shape.


  • Omnidirectional moving function
  • Matching shape activity
  • 5 different blocks which transform to animals
  • Teaches safety traffic light signals
  • Plays music and animal sound