Hola - Dancing Duck Toy

All children love the gorgeous little Dancing Duck by Hola. The mother duck and her sweet duckling dance together in the most adorable way.

They sing, waddle, dance and light up with so much joy.

There are buttons located on her chest and head that when pressed play fun melodies, make different sounds as the lights flash on her wings and her eyes blink.

Your little one will love chasing the Dancing Duck as she moves across the floor and flaps her wings.


  • Pause/Start: Press the top of head to play!
  • Red Heart Button – Plays a heartbeat sound effect for soothing baby
  • Voice Button – Cute “Ah oh!” sound effect and flashes lights
  • Melody Button – 7 melodies play in a row to develop music and rhythm sense
  • Song Button – “Six Little Ducks” and “Quick, Quack, Quick” play
  • Sound Effect Button – Plays 3 different sound effects
  • Baby Duck Button – Listen to flapping duckling chickadee, “Quack, Quack, Quack” from her pouch!
  • Flashing Lights: Features flashing lights in the duck’s wings and body
  • Blinking Eyes: This cute ducky even winks too!
  • Volume Control

Developmental Benefits

  • Sensory Development: Big, colourful buttons and light effects to encourage touch and exploration
  • Auditory Learning: Play sounds and songs to develop baby’s listening skills
  • Motor Skills: Easy to hold shape and boldlycoloured buttons help hone finger dexterity and fine motor skills while the duck’s waddling movement encourages crawling