Hola - Super Fun Fruit Car

Super Fun Fruit Car

The popular Super Fun Fruit Car by Hola is a funloving, shapesorting car that introduces your toddler to numbers, letters, shapes colours, fruits and sounds!

With 6 colourful fruit blocks to play with your little one will have a ball matching the blocks to the corresponding shapes in the car. Once the car is filled, just open the boot to spill them out and start again!

The electronic Super Fun Fruit Car is interactive, engaging and comes with some amazing features such as bump & go, in which the car bumps into an object and changes direction. The bumpandgo feature can also be turned off for a child to freely play with the car and has a ringlet underneath so that you can add a piece of string so that the car can be pulled along too.

Learning Benefits

  • Sensory: The Super Fun Fruit Car’s bright colours, fun sounds, and friendly face will engage and excite your baby’s senses
  • Problem Solving: As little ones figure out which fruit block goes where they’ll be exercising big thinking skills!
  • Fine Motor: Babies can build their handeye coordination and dexterity by grasping and interacting with the shapesorting blocks

Hola - Super Fun Fruit Car


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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