Home-use Steam Sauna Steamer

Give a treat to yourself as a reward after a tiring day. This Sauna steamer is designed for single only, but you can share with others by taking turns, as it is a comfortable experience worth to share. This sauna can achieve no different effect from a professional sauna house on the premise of saving a large bill to built one in your house. It is made of high-quality anti-bacterial and odour resistant fabric, with two zipped arm openings for necessary needs. A remote controller and chair will ensure convenience. What you need to do is to sit unmovably adjusting the working models at ease. Saunas are perfect for promoting blood circulation and soothing muscle pains.

  • Easy Convenient Storage
  • Portable Tent Folds Up in Seconds
  • Eases Joint Pain Caused By Arthritis
  • Stout Design - Supported By Steel Wire
  • Wonderful Aid to Weight-Loss Programs
  • Relaxes Stiff Muscles and Improves Flexibility
  • Relieves and Soothes Sore Muscles & Muscle Pains
  • Improves Skin by Removing Toxins and Dirt from Pores
  • Stimulates Circulation By Bringing Blood to Skin’s Surface
  • Lessens Stress / Fatigue and Energizes Through Relaxation
  • Convenient - Easy Set Up & Installation at Home or Anywhere
  • Higher Quality Fabric: Anti-Bacterial, Odor Resistant, Anti-Mildew
  • Diminishes Bronchial Problems Related To Asthma, Bronchitis and Hay Fever
  • Zippered Arm Openings Let You Use Your Hands Outside Of Tent &ndashFor Reading, Making Adjustments or Using The Exterior Pocket
  • Removable Head Cover Keeps Steam In, Promoting Deeper Facial Cleansing & Improved Respiratory Effect
  • Comes With a Remote Control - Set Up Time and Temperature Easily With a 9 Temperature Channel
  • Suitable For Aromatherapy Treatment - Aromatherapy Oils Can Easily Be Added To Herbally Enhance Your Spa Experience.

Colour Pink

CTN size

61 x 25 x 39cm


80 x 80 x 103cm



Highest temperature


package contents

1x Steam Sauna Tent
1x Steamer
1x Foldable Chair (max cap: 100kg)
1x Chair Carrying Bag
1x Remote Control
2x Steam Hoses
1x User Manual