Hoover Action Pets Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Action Pets is a powerful bagged vacuum cleaner that includes a deep-cleaning power head designed to remove pet hair easily from your floors. With a large 2.5L vacuum bag capacity and lightweight design, the Hoover Action Pets is a high-performing vacuum that is ideal for any home. Includes a Hand Turbo Tool for removing pet hair from furniture! The soft-starting motor that comes standard in the Hoover Action Pets helps to ensure a long lifespan, and with a series of helpful tools to clean all surfaces this is an all-purpose vacuum cleaner. The EB303 power head uses a rotating brush to gently lift your carpets and remove the deeply embedded dust and dirt, which gives you a level of hygiene that a non-power head vacuum cannot provide. The whole unit is very compact and lightweight, so it can be easily stored in an apartment or smaller home. With a full 2-year Hoover warranty and excellent construction, the Hoover Action Pets is a fantastic vacuum cleaner. If you would prefer a bagless version of this model, then please see our Hoover Action range.