Horizon Unisex Country Turn-Over-Top Socks (Olive) - HZ264

Product Colour: Olive.
Product ID: UTHZ264.
Please note: All sizes are UK sizes (see size chart for conversion).
This product is available in 6 colours. This is subject to availability and can be searched on Catch using the product ID: HZ264.

  • In-turned welt for a relaxed and comfortable fit
  • Extra padded sole for added protection
  • Reinforced heel and toe for durability
  • Excellent thermal and wicking properties
  • 70% Merino Wool, 29% Polyamide, 1% Lycra Elastane
  • Mens sock sizing: XS - 12.5-3 UK/31-35 EU/13-3.5 US, S - 3-5.5 UK/35-38 EU/3.5-6 US, S/M - 4-7 UK/37-41 EU/4.5-7.5 US, M - 6-8.5 UK/39-42 EU/7-9.5 US, M/L - 8-12 UK/42-47 EU/8.5-12.5 US, L - 9-11.5 UK/43-46 EU/10-12 US, XL - 12+ UK/48-51 EU/13-15.5 US.