Hot Melt Glue Gun Electric 150W-250W Adjustable Temperature 140-220 Degrees C

This electric SJ-303 Hot Melt Glue Gun (100V-240V) is strong and super quick heating. It is an energy efficient tool, has five adjustable temperature controls, it is user friendly and perfect for use on toys, artificial flowers, plastic, leather, wood products, packaging boxes, metal, ornaments, electronic components, and circuit boards. It's made with advanced engineering plastic and has a long quality lifetime.


  • Varying Temperature: 140 degrees Celsius - 220 degrees Celsius -
  • 5-temperature setting (140, 160, 180, 200, 220 degrees Celsius).
  • Voltage: 100V-240V
  • Wattage/Power: 150W-250W
  • Heater: PTC
  • Glue Sticks: Uses glue sticks up to 11.5mm in diameter


  • Anti-overheating- built in safety fuse
  • User friendly and comfortable to use
  • Metal holder to avoid mess
  • Light weight
  • Rapid heating
  • Fast glue melting internal PTC heater
  • Automatic energy saving
  • Temperature adjustable between 140 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius
  • 5 temperature setting
  • Size of nozzle 3.0mm
  • AU Australian Plug