Hot Wheels Multi Loop Challenge Box

Hot Wheels Multi Loop Challenge Box is the ultimate Hot Wheels Loop track and storage in one

This epic Loop Track set from Hot Wheels gives kids multiple ways to play and incorporates the storage box as part of the custom builds to give the tracks stability and height.

Mum and Dad are going to be happy with this track set too, as everything folds neatly into the box, no more tripping over Hot Wheels tracks.

Features :

  • Over 10 feet of track is included in this set building the Mega Loop Stunt, Double Loop Challenge, or the Loop 'n Launch Showdown all from one set.
  • Send your included Hot Wheels car through the double loop with the included car Launcher.
  • The storage box has 8 places where Hot Wheels tracks can connect meaning kids have endless combinations to build.

The Hot Wheels Multi Loop Challenge Box is an awesome set perfect for kids who loves their Hot Wheels racing.