Hound House Kennel Green

Hound House kennels was born out of the realisation that no kennel was designed with the animal?s wellbeing as the main focus. Hound House decided they wanted a kennel for their own dog that was warm in winter and cool in summer so went ahead and made their own kennel out of waterproof, marine grade canvas and then the Hound House kennel was born. The canvas used for the kennel is predominantly used in off road campers so therefore made the quality of the kennel durable and long lasting. The Canvas weave opens in the dry and hot weather to allow ventilation and in the cooler months will contract creating a comfortable environment for your furry friends in the cooler months. Because mesh has a large weave, flea eggs are not able to hatch so a safe environment for your animal. The kennel frame is extremely sturdy for our little friends carrying a little bit of extra weight in the cooler months. With a pole insert to make the kennel stand up this kennel is easy to collapse if needing to move the kennel around or take it away on holidays it folds straight down for easy manoeuvring. Available in 4 sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

1 x Hound House Small Green 54L X 48W X 48H

Well ventilated space that is cool in summer and warm in winter

Comfortable and supported rest for your dog

Collapsible for easy transport

High quality marine grade canvas

Mesh canvas so flea eggs cannot hatch in the kennel