HoundHouse Small Kennel Camo

HoundHousetm the Patented No.1 Breathable Hygienic Comfortable Canvas Kennel with the patented easy fold system.

Black powder coated steel frames, a taught finish, quality, strength and appearance. HoundHousetm Wax Proofed Durable blended Cotton Canvas is breathable at the same time as having a thermal & waterproof quality that no other material can provide.

HoundHousetm fiber mesh base inhibits fleas breeding and is lightweight, easy to clean and best of all hygienic for your pet.

HoundHousetm includes a scratch resistant canvas mat and a calico travel or storage bag. Owners are responsible for their pet’s behavior, supervision and safety.

Always protect the mesh floor base. It is the best!


  • Weight: 4 Kg
  • Width:46cm
  • Length:54 cm
  • Height: 50cm