Huds and Toke Crazy Dog Bones Mix Pack

Huds and Toke Crazy Dog Bones Mix Pack

Huds and Toke Crazy Dog Bones Mix Pack is a pack of gourmet natural-based biscuit treats perfect for spoiling your dog and all their doggy friends. They are a selection of snacks baked on a delicious bone-shaped biscuit base containing tasty flavours such as beef and peanut butter, topped with no melt yoghurt and carob frosting in a variety of fun and bright colours. Some key features of Huds and Toke Crazy Dog Bones Mix Pack are:

  • Packs of 4 or 40 gourmet biscuits.
  • No added sugar, salt, or preservatives.
  • Low-in-fat natural ingredients that are safe for dogs to eat.
  • Delicious ingredients such as biscuit, yoghurt, and peanut butter that dogs will love.
  • Bone-shaped and decorated with colourful icing and sprinkles.
  • Perfect for small and medium sized dogs and for sharing at dog parties!
  • Made in Australia.

Huds and Toke Crazy Dog Bones Mix Pack are available in packs of 4pcs or 40pcs.

Ingredients: Whole Flour. Peanut Butter. Whole Eggs. Apple Cider Vinegar. Beef Stock. Yoghurt or Carob. Sugar Free and Fat Free Frosting. Colours.

Huds and Toke is a 100% family owned Australian Business which is recognised both Nationally and Internationally. As a family, they decided to go on a journey to design, create, and manufacture the absolute best Pet Treats that Australia can offer. With this goal in mind, they spoke with animal nutritionists, practising Veterinarians, and other food specialists to formulate a range of Pet Treats. They now create Dog Treats, Horse Treats, Rabbit Treats, Guinea Pig Treats, Chicken Treats and Cat Treats. All Huds and Toke Brand Pet Treats are made within their facility based on the Sunshine Coast where the Air is Clean, the Water is clear, and the beaches stretch for kilometres! Every Pet Treat is designed specifically for the animal it is made for with natural ingredients and are made to the highest quality. Your pets will love you for giving them Huds and Toke Pet Treats!

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