Hudson Three Seat Sofa - Black

The Hudson Three Seat Sofa is Rock n Roll all the way. The volume has been turned up on every aspect of the design. We’re talking glossed black leather, plush cushioning, and an unusual ash wood frame that’s pitched to the rear and hugs the back of the sofa. Even the generous width is over the top. You could comfortably fit five adults on this sofa, espcially with the arms being flush with the seat cushion. Perfect for epic movie nights.

The high-grade leather has been coated in pigment and buffed to a high sheen. It has a uniform finish, but most of the natural texture of the hide is still visible. This adds extra depth and interest.

This may look like the type of leather couch that belongs in the studio loft of an achingly cool hipster, but there’s no reason the Hudson can’t live in a family home. It will inject a dose of sass to your living space, but it’s also completely practical. Spills can be wiped off, and there are no sharp corners. The covers have zips, so they can be removed for professional cleaning or rejuventating. In time, the leather will soften, so the sofa will exude even more character – if that’s possible!

The Hudson may be a courageous choice, but it’s a no-brainer for fans of bold design. Pair with the Hudson Armchair or let it stand alone. And don’t forget to define the living space with a gorgeous rug!

Colour + Finish
Night + Black Wood

Frame: Solid Ash Wood
Seat/Back: Cushion with Full Leather

Length: 1000mm
Width: 2400mm
Height: 755mm

Product Care
To ensure your furniture looks its best for years to come, we advise limiting the time it spends in direct sunlight and cleaning up stains or marks as soon as they happen. Baby wipes work well.