Hulk Battles The Inhumans Men's T-Shirt

Yes, he battles the Inhumans, but only the evil ones . Well, most of them are evil. The others? Wrong place, wrong time. In pages of The Incredible Hulk Special released in 1968, the Hulk is inadvertently drawn into an Inhumans' coup thanks ;to Lockjaw -- who teleported Hulk to a prison dimension because Hulk was being, y'know, Hulk. Hulk wants nothing to do with a group of ;dimensionally imprisoned Inhumans or the coup they're running with Maximus the Mad . So, Hulk ;throws a fit and pummels the Inhumans' city until allegiances are reaffirmed and clearer heads prevail. Our ; Hulk Battles The Inhumans Men's T-Shirt features the stunning cover to the aforementioned one-shot special -- it's rendered by the legendary Jim Steranko. Made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester, this heather-gray Hulk t-shirt for men sports a classic cover from a classic story involving a classic meeting leading to classic, catastrophic amounts of smashing.