Hulk Fist Bump on Black Men's Tank Top

The Hulk smashes. That is all. What more is there to say? I mean, he's massive, green, and the epitome of dangerous super-science ;gone awry. And yes, the Hulk is actually a tragic scientist burdened with transforming into an irradiated, uncontrollable monster who commits horrendous acts ;against innocent bystanders and ;very innocent infrastructure. But you're not buying Hulk comics, wearing Hulk pajamas, or watching Hulk movies for the harrowing human tragedy, the ;commentary on mankind's hidden duality, ;and ;the parallels with unharnessed nuclear power. Nope. You're here for the loud and copious helpings of unabashed, unabated ;SMASHING!!!! Made from 100% cotton, our black and zero-frills ; Hulk Fist Bump on Black Men's Tank Top features a massive, purposely distressed and encircled Hulk fist. Because the Hulk smashes. With his fists. Yes, this comfortable Hulk tank top conveys one salient fact: The Hulk smashes. With his fists. If it gets any more complicated, Hulk fans will rally.