Hulk Gamma Power Men's T-Shirt

What powers the Hulk? If you answered "rage," ;you're only about 45% right. So, what's responsible for the other 55%? ; No, not potato chips. No, not an all-carb diet. No, not seasonal depression. And no, not high-octane energy drinks with more caffeine per serving than all the coffee beans in ;Peru. So, what powers the Hulk? Gamma radiation!! Sure, anger helps, buy it's the Gamma radiation ;running through Bruce Banner's veins that allows said anger to express itself as an invulnerable, unstoppable monstrosity! Celebrating the Gamma radiation-enhanced id of Bruce Banner, we present the ; Hulk Gamma Power Men's T-Shirt! Made from 100% cotton, this Hulk t-shirt for men features a massive illustration ;of a rage-obsessed Hulk -- he's backed by a yellow, cracked and distressed radiation symbol. Yes, this Hulk tee presents ;man's greatest fears of the Atomic Age made manifest -- a raging, uncontrollable catastrophe that might rend ;civilization asunder.