Hulk Smoldering Men's T-Shirt

He's stepping out of a crater that used to be your hometown. Sure, you're familiar with the term "Hulk Event." You've seen the footage ;come in from across the country, ;footage plainly showing the "incredible" Hulk ;decimating ;several ;cities with a succession of headbutts and handclaps. could never happen where you live, right? I mean, the Hulk ;seems to focus his rage on the Midwest. You're safe, right? I mean....right?? Wrong. It happened. The Hulk showed up and pummeled your neighborhood and several neighboring ;towns. The power's been out for six weeks and they're still pulling bodies from ;the wreckage. ; Our ; Hulk Smoldering Men's T-Shirt reflects the image taken from a brave photographer ;who managed to capture the Hulk ;seconds after stepping out from behind a smoldering, infernal dust cloud. Made from 100% cotton, this charcoal-gray Hulk t-shirt for men features an astonishing illustration of an unstoppable force of nature taking a breather before recommencing earthquake-enabling smashing.