Hydro Experts Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent - High Ceiling 2.3M | 600D Mylar [Size: 1.4M x 1.4M x 2.3M]

This premium-grade high ceiling grow tent from Hydro Experts is perfect for amateur and professional growers all levels and experience. The freestanding design is constructed from commercial-grade, puncture, mildew and fire-resistant oxford nylon fabric. It is completely opaque to block ambient light from entering and system light from exiting.

The interior is extremely efficient and highly-reflective so plants use all supplied light without waste. The reflection surface is durable, fade-proof and is thermally adhered to the outer shell; it will not separate or tear.

This tent is suitable for use with any growing system: hydroponic, aeroponic, and soil-based cultivation. It is compatible with all types of lights: incandescent, LED, fluorescent (standard, CFL and T5), and HID (Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and Dual Arc). Industrial-strength, over-sized coil zippers curve to go around corners without opening or separating.

A Velcro tab will hold open the door while working. A separate floor-pan provides a second layer of protection against any accidental spills. The frame are crafted from powder-coated tubular steel and lock in place with sure-lock pins; unit can be assembled in minutes without tools. Removable upper rails provide overhead support for lighting, odor control or ventilation systems. System contains several mesh-covered vent windows with flaps and ducted ports with drawstrings to provide control over the growing environment; open, close or vent the system to adjust temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and light conditions.


  • Heavy duty 16MM steel corners and poles
  • Extra thick 600D fabric and heavy duty zips
  • Heavy duty floor liner
  • Fully maximise the height of your grow area
  • Adaptable for all your ventilation and power needs


SizeMylarDoorsSide WindowsDucting PortsElectrical PortsMesh VentsHanging CapacityPole Size120x60x200CM600D103x150MM2x100MM3 50*13CM40KG16*0.8MM100x100x230CM600D123x150MM2x100MM3 50*13CM40KG16*0.8MM120x120x230CM600D125x200MM2x100MM3 50*13CM40KG16*0.8MM140x140x230CM600D125x200MM2x100MM3 50*13CM40KG16*0.8MM240x120x230CM600D125x250MM2x100MM4 50*13CM60KG16*0.8MM300x150x230CM600D125x250MM2x100MM4 50*13CM60KG16*0.8MM300x300x230CM600D128x250MM2x100MM6 50*13CM135KG19*0.8MMWhat's in the Box

  • [1] x Hydro Experts Grow Tent High Ceiling - 1.4M x 1.4M x 2.3M | 600D Mylar

Hydro Experts Indoor Hydroponics Grow Tent - High Ceiling 2.3M | 600D Mylar [Size: 1.4M x 1.4M x 2.3M]


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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