I Love Hemp Natural Toy Cleaner

Play with peace of mind knowing your toys are clean by using the the I Love Hemp Natural Toy Cleaner from Doc Johnson. Toys are an awesome addition to your sex life, both solo or with a partner, but its incredibly important to take good care of them like they take care of you!

If you're looking for the sexually charged high of your dreams, Doc Johnson's latest I Love Hemp range is for you! Hemp seed oil is an excellent natural moisturizer with very little odor, making it a great base for lubricants and a fantastic alternative to more typical, commercially available lubricants.

If you take care of your toys, they'll take care of you! Before and after use, you should be using an antibacterial cleaning agent on them to ensure you can play with complete peace of mind. With the I Love Hemp Natural Toy Cleaner, you know that your toys are clean and that there are no secret nasty chemicals involved or being put near your sensitive areas. Suitable for all toy types and in a handy spray bottle, its completely free from any phthalates, glycerin, latex and triclosan.

Does not contain THC or any other cannabinoids.

  • Warranty : 7 Days
  • Size : 4 oz/120 ml
  • Manufacturer : Doc Johnson