Imagination Game Box Dirty Charades Adult Game

Looking to spice up a boring old Saturday night? Invite some friends over, grab a few drinks and enjoy a game of Charades - dirty style! Super fun and super sexy (depending on how good your dirty acting skills are), this is a game for those that love to let their hair down and aren't afraid to get raunchy! 


  • Imagination games 
  • Design: Game Box Dirty Charades
  • Take it in turns of one person from each team acting dirty for 90 seconds at a time - grab a Dirty Charades Card - tell everyone what dirty category you’re acting out e.g. ‘Sex Toy’ then go for it!
  • Every time your teammates guess correctly put the card in a pile - your ‘Score Pile’ and grab a new card
  • If you can’t manage one (maybe you’re not dirty enough) put the card on the other team’s ‘Score Pile’ and grab another card
  • Team with the most cards wins! 
  • Naked Dirty Charades - Lose an item of clothing every time you forfeit on a Dirty Charade
  • Dirty Photos - Cameras away or out? You decide!
  • Ideal for 4+ players
  • Recommended for ages 18+ years
  • Country of origin: N/A