Imagine Dragons - Night Visions CD

Imagine Dragons once again bring the world their debut release, 'Night Visions', now in a deluxe format featuring 7 additional tracks.

From the epic slow-burn throb of "Radioactive" to the upbeat percussive intimacy of "On Top of the World" to the delicate blend of acoustic guitar and synthetic pop on "Round and Round," the collection showcases Imagine Dragons' signature diversity of sound and sentiment.

In a world where any teenager with a webcam can become a rock star then a has-been all in the space of a few months, Imagine Dragons are a refreshing return to the tried-and-true traditions of great rock and roll. Imagine Dragons have proved their ability to be a band the old fashioned way; by writing great songs, and playing them live to increasingly large audiences. Fusing hip-hop backbeats layered under thrillingly direct guitar, bass, and drums, the bands experimentation with electric and acoustic percussions plays a unique card that everyone is happy to draw.