Immortal Hulk Men's T-Shirt

He's not dead. He's only sleeping. Look, the Hulk can't die, and he certainly doesn't age. Sure, Banner has a few silver streaks running through that unkempt mop of his, but as soon as he transforms into the Hulk, that silver is replaced with the Green Goliath's jet-black -- and bulletproof -- flat top. Celebrating the Hulk's resiliency against ;bullets, rockets, nuclear warheads, and the passing of time, we present the ; Immortal Hulk Men's T-Shirt. But we're not simply celebrating the Hulk's omni-invincibility -- this Hulk shirt celebrates Marvel's newest title featuring the cover to said title's ;premier issue: ; THE IMMORTAL HULK #1! And yes, the cover is especially striking. Who's responsible for such a horrifying rendering of the ever-living ;Incredible Hulk? That would be dynamite artist and painter ALEX ROSS! Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this men's Hulk shirt is rendered in a subtly speckled heather-green -- a result of carefully blended green and white threading.