Incredible Hulk Fist Men's Pajama Pants

"After Hulk smash, Hulk sleep." ...said Hulk that one time after he threw all the animals from your ;barn into the Mississippi river. Anyway, yes, Hulk sleeps and he needs a sturdy (yet soft), stretchable pair of pants that will actually remain intact ;before resuming Banner's insultingly puny mass. Our ; Incredible Hulk Fist Men's Pajama Pants WILL NOT TEAR when Bruce Banner grows five-times larger, nor will they be ;baggy when Banner loses the additional musculature and green-colored skin. Made from a soft blend of cotton and polyester, these EXCLUSIVE heather-gray Hulk pajama pants feature a green "THE INCREDIBLE HULK" logo running vertically along the leg. Capping the logo, Hulk's encircled fist symbol. And now you know why he can't tie shoes or play the piano. More reasons why your ;Hulk pajama pants are simply the coolest: Soft? Oh, yeah. An elastic waistband with drawstring tie. Button-down fly. Spacious pockets.