Indoor Chindi Rug | 1.8m Round | Natural JUTE & Black COTTON Carpet

Bring a rock and roll vibe to any room in your home or office with the Black Sabbath jute floor rug from Recycled Mats.

Handmade in India, every rug is unique, with a mix of natural tones and striking black to coordinate with any decor trend. This Indian floor rug is made from recycled cotton and jute string offcuts, bringing you a combination of comfort and strength - a bit like a great metal ballad.

This Black Sabbath rug is made from fabric offcuts from clothing and furniture manufacturers. They are a sustainable rug, that does not harm the earth in their production. We love that.

A Black Sabbath rug looks great in shop interiors, in homewares stores, in garden stores, and in walk in robes.

This black and jute rugs provide interesting colour tones and textures that bring an eclectic vibe to your home design. Add a handy fold-up picnic table to relax with a wine while you make your way through your vinyl records collection.

Jute mats stand out against white walls & black walls. It's a great addition to your home-brew bar or pool room for on-trend minimalist decor.

Buy a unique Black Sabbath jute handmade Indian floor rug online today! Rock on!

Name of design: Black Sabbath Jute

Origin of design: India

Shape: Round

Size: 1.8m diameter

Material: Cotton & Jute

Colours: Natural & black. Every rug features a unique variety of colours.

Global Kids Oz & Recycled Mats are proud supporters of fairtrade and ethical manufacturing. To learn more, read our blog about the communities who make our jute rugs.

Suitable uses:

  • Pool and music room style
  • Home office
  • On trend piece for white interiors
  • A classic rug for modern highrises
  • Cover floor damage and rental carpet
  • Style your walk in wardrobe with this piece
  • Revamp your living spaces with this unique rug