intelliARMOR UVShield+ UV Light Sanitiser - White

The intelliARMOR UVShield+ is a convenient and easy to use sanitiser, it has an intuitive design that allows for a full 360° UV light sanitisation process for your mobile phone. No need for harsh wipes, chemicals, or excessive heat. Simply place your phone inside your UVShield+ and in 3 minutes the Dual UV-C light takes care of all those harmful bacteria on your phone. Protect yourself and your family by sanitising your phone regularly with the UVShield+ that effectively kills 99.99% of household bacteria.

Compatibility: Any device or item up to 7.75". It can also hold car keys, jewellery, earbuds, airpods, watches, pacifiers, or any other portable item you would like sanitised.

Key Features:

  • The UVShield+ is Lab tested and has shown to effectively kill 99.99% household bacteria
  • Easy and convenient - 3 minute sanitisation process
  • Inner Tray has a raised feet that allows for a 360° coverage on your device
  • Integrated with 2x high powered UV-C light sources, each set to 280nm,
    which has been identified by the CDC to be within the optimal wavelength for eradication
  • Built-in Essential Oils Diffuser